Oct 13, 2015 | From Nick With sincere gratitude, happy See Me release day!

Dear Readers,

Today is the day! My latest novel, See Me is now available online and in bookstores across the US and UK and my book tour officially kicked off this morning in my hometown of New Bern, NC.

I have to be honest with you: it is always a challenge for me to conceive a unique, compelling and original storyline. After eighteen novels, it’s even more difficult. When I wrote See Me, my singular goal was to surprise and delight you as a reader.

See Me in some ways, is similar to The Guardian and Safe Haven, in that the novel evolves from a simple love story to a story with thriller-like elements. However, unlike the previous novels, See Me has more twists and turns; part of the fun of the novel is in trying to figure out what’s happening, and who the antagonist actually is. Also, the characters of See Me are very different – perhaps even more flawed – than characters in my previous novels. Both Colin and Maria have bits of me in them; they also have bits and pieces of other people I’ve met over the years. You had a sneak peek at See Me’s main characters earlier this month and I can’t wait to hear what you think of them once you to get to know them better.

Last, please know how much I appreciate you and all of my readers. From those who helped select See Me’s book cover, to fans who make it out to my tour events, to readers who simply choose to take time out of their busy lives this week to escape into the pages of See Me… I feel more gratitude for all of you than you can possibly imagine.



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