Nicholas Sparks On Using Tech To Write Books, Make Movies, And Keep A Creative Edge

In this video, Nicholas talks about how the Internet has changed the process of researching — and promoting — books and movies, the math formula he uses to stay productive, how the creative process of writing a book is similar to what a startup does, why a little bit of online procrastination can be good for you, how he combats writer’s block, and lots more. View the video at

PopSugar Interview on The Lucky One

In a recent PopSugar interview, Nicholas explains why Zac Efron was right for the challenging role of a soldier with PTSD returning from war in The Lucky One and reflects on Zac's winning chemistry with leading lady Taylor Schilling. Nick also shares which Hollywood actress he would love to see cast in the lead role in a big-screen version of Nicholas Sparks-Safe Haven.

Watch the interview here.

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