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Hi, Nicholas. I'm from Mexico and I just wat to say please, please make a film of The rescue book, Really i love that book is very beatiful . I love you
I read The Best of Me this winter break and I quickly became obsessed with the book. I loved how Nicholas Sparks was able to create a love story between Dawson and Amanda, but also added other stories to keep the reader interested. The doctors family, Amanda and Frank, the Coles, the whole love story between Tuck and Clara and everything else that just opened up so many doors while reading the book.
I must say I was very disappointed with the movie. Don't get me wrong it was an amazing movie but it shouldn't even be called "The Best of Me" because of everything they changed. They took all the essence of the book and just completely altered the main points which bothered me at such degree. I thought the whole Dawson not able to move on from what he did although it was an accident, and how there was an explanation of why he had survived and kept seeing that man after all his life threatening experiences. I mean they even took away the 3rd card Tuck had left them to read when they...
Dear Nicholas Sparks,I just wanted you to know that tonight I just just finished reading "The Longest Ride" and I thought it was the best book I have ever read in my entire life. I've read so many books by countless authors, but your books and the movies have always been the best to me. Since I'm only 16 I will probably read a lot more books in my lifetime, but I will always remember this one. The Longest Ride is easily my favorite and the biggest book I have ever read! I have always had, you know, a top movie and a top book and The Notebook has always been my favorite movie, watching it at least 20 times now, and The Longest Ride is now officially my number one book on my personal list of favorites. When The Longest Ride movie comes out on April 10, I will hopefully be the first one in line to see it. My last book I read was The Best of Me and I saw the movie shortly after reading it. I absolutely thought that was a great book and movie also. The Longest Ride just seemed like a fairy...
Hello Mr. Sparks <3 I'm Luchie Puerto Palma 18 years of age. Living in Cebu city. I am one of your greatest fan ever! I do love everything about your story. Hope to see you :D
I've been watching all the movies all over and over again. Thank you for the wonderful things that you have done :D
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! :-* God bless O:-)
Dear Nicholas Sparks.
I'm a young Italian girl, I have 19 years old and i very love your love stories. I started read your books, much years ago and I never stopped. Your books are very interested and beautiful, I get emotional every time and I don't exaggerate when I say that his novels are the most beautiful I've ever read in absolute.
Your books make me get into a parallel world, I'm curious, I read them all, and more than once and if I could make one of my greatest desires: ask to meet you, if only for five minutes to see you in person, you my sincerest complimentine me a picture with you. I would be delighted.
You're a wonderful man, to admire and that too in a few lines, knows how to excite and thrill the hearts of all.
Be your biggest fan who hopes to meet you one day.
King regards
hey, Mr.Nicholas, i really like your stories....especially your story A Walk to Remember. I haven' t read yet the others, but as i expect they are also the best.
Love you Nicholas ♥
Just to say that you aren't writing fast enough for me....I've read all your books, except for the very latest. Love them. Also wanted to say that the cut off date for your "contest" was April 25th, but I didn't even receive my email until 2 May. ????? Never mind, I'm too old for contests. Keep up the good work.
I have read every book you have written. Living across the river from Omaha, NE almost all my life made the story of your trip & personal story with your brother was nice. I have 2 sons, 1 year apart in your age. Love your books.
Hi NS :o) One day I hope I will be able to visit many of the amazing beautiful places you choose for your movies, which I love, like the books, to. Maybe you should create 1-2 week tours for us NS fans, so we are able to meet you and the locations of your movies. Even though I live in Switzerland, I would come and join ya. Keep writing these "you just have to love it" stories and hope to see you last movie as soon as possible. Big hug from Europe. Ciao. Janny
Hi dear Mr Nicholas,
I'm Jéssica a brazilian teenager. I have only sixteen years old and I don't speak english very well but I still keep trying to communicate with you, so apologize my writing mistakes.
I love you and your work, I have read just two of your novels, The Choice and The Longest Ride, I love both of then but I could identify myself better in the last, sometimes when I was reading I had the feeling that you are talking directly with me, like you were writing my life story and not Ira, Sophia and Luke's story.
With love of a big fan.
I've been a huge fan of you for 5 years now. I pretty much have a whole lot collection of your books.
I just want to let you know , you are amazing, and will always be my favourite author.
I really hope you would visit India someday. (:
Notebook will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you
I love you Nicholas♡
Your novels are the best. You don't know how many times I have read over and over and over again your books.
I don't know how you have such an creativity to write your stories. And I love the way you make us believe in true love and how it is important and precious in life. You're so romantic- men are rarely like you.
I believe more and more that love is the powerest thing in the world. Just because of you.
I love you♡
Hello Nicholas,
My name is Nicole from College Station, TX. (Whoop!) I am a very big fan of your work, and your encouraging yet sincere words have really touched my heart. I have read all of your books except 2. My favorites would have to be The Lucky one, The Wedding and Safe Haven. I relate individually to these 3 in a very peculiar way. I just want to start off by thanking you. You have helped me in my desperate time of need, even though you had no clue. I obviously will not go any further into detail, but I just want you to know that you are truly blessed to have this gifted talent. God smiled when he made you, because he knew that you would one day wright from your heart and personal experiences. I think those experiences he has given you in your lifetime, were probably also to teach you as well. I went on an adventure to collect all of you books a little after my son Bobby was born. My husband Bob and I were very young when we had him and were married before he came into...
Nicholas Sparks I wanna thank you for inspiring me everyday and make me feel more human. I can read many books but any of them make me feel as I feel when I read yours. Your books are my best friends, they make me laugh, cry, I usually find me cheering for a couple. I can't describe by words how your books changed my life, when I started read them I barely spoke english, but I read most of them and I don't even know how. I think that this is your power, When I read your books, you speak directly to my heart.
Thank You!
Luthermilla Ecole
Dear Mr. Sparks,
"The Longest Ride", wow.. no words can describe how it made me think of my life. I knew the ending of your book because as a Christian women I read the story of the son and portrait. It had touched my heart and my husband and I shared the story with our youth group. I have a strong marriage because of our Lord, I live in New Jersey and was a Country girl, and my Husband was a city boy. So it was neat reading a book a little backwards but very understood. We love art and have gone to art galleries to admire work but never to buy since we have four daughters and I had two brain surgeries that have stopped me from working but God has greatly provided, and the money is never what we look at.. but the deep memories of our marriage and our children and our walk with Our Amazing Lord Jesus Christ has given us great wealth...We loved the books of Thomas Kinkade and always wanted his work, but now it would be to much. Maybe one day. I will never forget the Day we Fell to...
Hello mr.sparks I just would just like to say that just done a research project on you and you live in North Carolina a neighboring state to where I live in Tennessee and if you ur ever passes through Campbell county I love to asks a few questions
Thanks Emily Ivey
A poem based on your book - A walk to remember! My favorite book of all times...So here we go!
[I watched her silently one winter morning,
She was nestled in bed without a sign or a warning.
How could she be merry knowing what she did?
She was only a young 17 year old kid!
She was a beautiful angel at the brink of death,
Her mournful condition made me seethe.
Knowing that I don't have long,
I tried to find a way to undo the wrong.
I wondered why God punished those like her,
She always helped everyone with renewed vigour.
She thought nothing of material things,
She fluttered about as though she had wings.
Lies, she there patiently in bed;
Her only dream was a chance to be wed.
Even in extreme sickness, she did not despair;
She gently consoled me with a whisper.
I turned to God with my heart filled with dread,
Then I remembered, she said her dream was to be wed.
I looked deep...
Your novels are my first love, Mr. Sparks! :) I just can't get enough of it! Please visit the Philippines soon! Readers and movie enthusiasts love you here!
Hi, I love your books. At the moment I have a heartwarming story about a couple that I think might make for a good book. I love your novels and I would love to share the story with you. Unfortunately one of them is very ill at the moment, but I think you would enjoy hearing the story.
I have been inspired by your love stories and dreamed of one day having my on. My wish came true and I would love to share it with you because it would make quite the story. Dreams can come true and thank you for letting me see through your stories that love is real and fairytales can come true but knowing that time will only tell with them. I met a boy my sophomore year in high school at a track in Gulf Shores, AL my spring break and fell in love the 5 days I was there. Unfortunately he lived 6 hours but we kept in touch and went to our senior prom together and still to this day stay we keep in touch and see each other through road trips and meeting halfway. I am a junior in college now and our story is still being written to what awaits in the future. Just wanted to say thank you for inspiring me and believing in love and that anything can happen through your stories. Your work is amazing.
Your story is ALWAYS Unpredictable for me! :)
It does always make me interested and amazed.
And i'm really prepared for 'diving' in your next 'words'. :)
(Btw, I've just finished read 'The Choice' and watched 'Safe Haven')
Mr. Sparks my name is Priscila i form to mexico and i love your books. I love you
Mr Nicholas sparks you are the best author ever
Dear Mr.Sparks, I would like to say I absolutely adore your books. Your writing style and just the way you bring your characters to life inspires me. I am fourteen years old and I live in Jamaica. I'm currently in grade 9 and I write in my spare time. People around me would bully me when I'd say anything about writing, they'd tell me I can't. When that happens, I'd go home and visit this website or read a few chapters from one of your books and be encouraged to write again. Thank you for being an excellent writer and role model.
Dear John made me cry 3 tmes
No author compares to you Mr. Sparks! I have never put down one of your books disappointed!
When is the Best of Me coming to theaters? It is my absolute favorite and I cannot wait to see it come alive somewhere else besides my mind:)Best of Me will open in theaters this October.
We share the same last name so being the hopeless romentic I am. I like to to think he's a distant relative. I love all your books. I just love your style of writing.I see the last two books are going to be movies.That's great. I am paitently waiting for your next book. I have all your books.
Dear Mr. Sparks,
I wanted to thank you for "The Longest Ride". I am a first grade teacher, and I am doing a unit on art history with my students. My grandparents were also Holocaust survivors. I think that you captured a lot of the angst of surviving family members, the wonder of the art appreciator as well as the loving bond of teachers towards their students.
Thank you so much,
Eeta Travis
Savannah, GA
You have been such an inspiration. Not only to love but to life itself. I have read every book of yours and can say that I really enjoyed reading "Three weeks with my Brother" it shows how you and your family over came struggle after struggle. It has helped me to be strong at a time where I was in need of strength. Life is full of struggles, though I believe that everything happens for a reason whether it is seen at the time, or seen ever. Through the struggles it is about how one looks at the situation and how they react, I personally believe at taking everything with a positive outlook. It makes everything a little easier.
Mr. Sparks. I love you! ;)
What an amazing novels you've written. The ones that have been adapted to a movie were extremely hard to watch without crying. I've wanted to participate in one of your movies for so long, but it's so hard since I don't live in the USA. I live in the Netherlands, Europe. I'm 16 years old, and next year I'll graduate. I wonder if you will ever need a girl from Europe, maybe with a little accent. If you do, I'll be there!
I just bought 3 of Nicholas Sparks books today: The Last Song, The Guardian, and The Lucky One at Book Miser; a used book store.
Hello Mr Sparks,
I would just like to be the one who gives you the message that a lot want to which is a simple thank you for being such an inspiration to love, to laugh, and to cry. I have read all of your books and watched all those which have been turned to movies, and honestly, i love each and every one of them. Your books sir are so close to reality because life isn't always happy endings and rainbows and butterflies, and thanks to your stories ans great writing, you have shown us that this is life. I am a huge fan and I really dream of meeting you someday and simply hearing you talk about your books' backgrounds.
Your biggest fan in Lebanon,
Christina Yazbeck
Hi Mr. Sparks
Thank you for making me love strategies. Thank you for all of your wonderful works. At first I always look for a happy ending, it is like the only way to make me love and think that the story is a good one but once I've read some of your works I learned that endings are not the only one that made the story but the story line. You made me love tragedy and the pain I always felt when I read your novels :)) I pray for your family and all the best for you. God bless and I am so thankful that I am one of the million persons you inspired
Please make a part two of any of your BOOKS
I read almost all his books and I have to tell you that every time is a huge emotion. I started reading 'The best of me' for the game, but I soon changed my mind. after having read 15 of your 17 I must tell you honestly that you are my favorite writer. I expect compensation for all the tears that you, with all his books, you made me eat. keep it up. I love you so much.
Valentina,from Italy. <3
Hi Nicholas!
Can you stop to kill the people?
I love all your books *--*
Hello Sir,
I am from India and am an avid reader of your work. Why book, each chapter leaves me with food for thought as well as, some teaching and sometimes, tears in my eyes. Every book that I have read written by you has changed me and my thinking style in some or the other way.
The book that touched me the most was 'The Best of Me'. While reading the book, I could constantly picture only James Marsden as Dawson Cole. When I read about him being selected to play the same role, my happiness knew no bounds. Truly, I am very, very pleased with this choice. I am counting days until the movie comes out and am having my fingers crossed that it is released in India, in my city.
Sir, this is to thank you for inspiring me and igniting in me, the desire to read and read and write, more. Thank you very much!!
Hello Mr. Sparks! I am one of your million fans here in the Philippines. The first I've watched the movie "a walk to remember", it touched m soul and expanded my view about the meaning of LOVE. When I have learned that this was based on a novel written by you, I've got curious. The first book I have purchased was Dear John using the financial award given to me for graduating as top 1 in our class. Then, I've fell in love with your words. You're novel changed my whole life. Looking deeply at various realities and how love can be so powerful were the things I have learned from your book. Presently, I am still on the process of collecting ALL of your books (I have 8 books as of now!). I am looking forward of meeting you in person!That will always be the dream I want to achieve. Continue inspiring millions of people with your books, you are a gem! -Genevieve Serilo, Philippines
olá sparks, please to copy down Dear John two, at than he to stay adjacent at end!!! kiss her. claudia Brazil
Mr. Sparks,
Your work is outstanding. I love all of it. Well the ones that I've read that is. Your work really speaks to me. It gives me hope. It makes me happy, but it also teaches me that nothing is forever so cherish every moment. Thank you for all of your amazing pieces. Please keep making more!Love,
Savannah. <3
I am such a big fan of your work. I get so hooked while I'm reading. I never want to put the book down. I'm glad there are movies also.
hello Mr. Sparks, i want you to know that i really love to read your BOOKS AGAIN AND AGAIN.. it is so very inspiring! i hope you will continue doing your amazing work in writing books. More power and God Bless:)
Mr. Sparks,
I have'nt read any of your books, I want to though! I'm only a preteen though, so I can wait. I just saw the movie A Walk to Remember. I loved it SOOO MUCH! I sobbed the whole time! I can't wait until I can read your other books! I'm sure that they are great too!
HI! MR.Sparks!, I'm from Philippines and a 13 year old nerd fighter and a book lion (we dont call our selves Book Worm hehe) I really love your books! i dont really knowhow to put my thoughts into words because english is not my first language, but please if i say I Love it, I really love it! Stay Awesome!
Hi, Mr. Nicholas Sparks!
My name is Monika and I am 21 year old .This time i read your book The longest Ride. I am from Slovakia like Sophia´s father and this story is for me so powerfull. I study art and acting on the Slovakia. In the free time i writing and your books are for me motivation. When you go on the Slovakia?
My desire is acting in your film because i like your story and your figures are unique.
I hope, do you watch my link!
I wish you many thoughts!
I love your books! Even though I am young I love the stories. I have read safe haven, the longest ride, and many others. Just please continue writing these books because every one is different, none is the same! P.S.- There better be a movie coming out for the longest ride.
love is like the wind
Signor Nicolas, che dire?
Mi vergogno nel dire che prima d'ora non avevo mai letto o perlomeno finito un libro...
Da quando per la prima volta vidi il suo film " Vicino a te non ho paura" (il quale neanche volevo vedere all 'inizio)
ho provato un emozione indescrivibile alla fine del film.
Mi chiesi chi fosse il produttore ed il regista di quest incredibile film appassionandomi sempre di piu.
Ed alla fine scoprii che fu ispirato ad un libro e da li altri film ed altri libri ancora.
Fu cosi che iniziai a leggere un libro dopo l'altro...
E chi l avrebbe mai detto, devo ringraziare lei Nicolas che con il suo carisma è riuscito a farmi apprezzare la lettura.
Leggero ancora tanti altri libri ma per me "Vicino a te non ho paura" rimarrà senza dubbio il mio preferito...
All inizio una semplice ma bellissima storia d'amore fino a che all ultimo il retroscena da brividi di jo!
Grazie Nicolas
Hello Nicholas, I am a big fan of yours. I started reading a little time their books and fell in love with each other. The first one I read was the last song, so I am very li fa Miley, more fell in love with the way you write, then read three more books and am currently reading the best of me and it's perfect. Congratulations for your work, and hope that one day you veha promote it here in Brazil, there is thousands of his fans here. Wait for him here.
A big fan, Thuíla
Sparks Hi, my name is Lorrany, I'm 15 years old and I am Brazilian, I am completely in love with her books, I have all that are translated, their stories are fascinating, still dream that one day I will thank you personally for writing love stories so wonderful and do believe that yes, love exists. Thank you, you're brilliant, their stories are exciting. Never let this die so wonderful gift that you have to thrill thousands of readers with a simple but so complex at the same time, I am your fa!
Hello Mr. Sparks,
I'd have to say that I'm becoming such a huge fan of your books! I just finished reading 'The Best of Me', and my heart is broken! Not how I imagined it would end, but now that I think about it, it had to be done! Your way with words just astonishes me and I'm soon going to read 'A Bend in the Road'. I honestly cannot wait until it comes in the mail! I wish there was some way that I, if not all of your fans, could suggest what kind of book we'd like to read about next? And I'd really love to see Nicole Anderson in one of your movies! Perhaps 'A Bend in the Road', if it were to become a movie! Along side Brock Kelly, who is a really great actress. I've really enjoyed reading your books and I hope to read all of them! It's on my bucket list =) Keep writing great books and thank you so much for sharing them with us!
Sincerely, xoariellexo
Dear Mr. Sparks,
You are an amazing writer and I feel that reading your books makes me relieve my stress from school and work. I have read almost all your books and watched all the movies inspired by you. Thanks to you, I would like to become a writer and one day become successful like you. Thank You for all the books you wrote and please don't stop writing!
Karen E.
Dear Mr. Nicholas Sparks,I've been fan of yours and your books for almost three years. Actually, I wasn't, at first, interested in your books because I thought it's inappropriate for my age, until my classmate in high school talked about A Walk to Remeber movie. I was intrigued by it especially when I learned that it was first a book before being made into a film. So when my best friend and I had the chance to go to the nearest book store, we bought a copy: she bought A Walk to Remember while I bought The Notebook. These two books are the first ones I have read that year, and I would like to say that both books are really amazing! You don't know how attached I am with those stories even until I watched the films.And so that's how it all started.Now I got 10 of your novels and I have read 11. I must say that your stories are really touching and timely. They all depict true love - love that is now rarely found. If only all lovers and even young people can take time to read your books,...
Dear Mr. Sparks,
What's with all the animals and the dead people? is it really something true? Lately as I've been reading most of your books, these are the common things that I observed and things that mostly made me cry. Touching, surprising and amazing as I would describe it and indeed very psychological. It even reached to the point that I, somehow, would like to do what Jim had done to Julie in your book the guardian. I myself have my own dog, which is a coutton de toulliear breed and as I've read your book especially the guardian, I have come to love her more as I was inlove with singer. I havent really thought of this post but with all the emotions I feel whenever I read your book, I just cant help and get over with it. Also as I observed the woman in most of your novels loves to teach or are teachers, I bet your wife's a teacher huh? :) anyway I so love your books and I somehow thank God for meeting and able to read such amazing and great words :* ;)- Manin and I'M A...
Hey Nick, I'm a big fan of your books. I've read more than 5. Even though, English isn't my first language I always try to buy the original ones. I'm really inspired by love and all the stories that can be created out of this such beautiful feeling. That's why I'm wondering if you'd ever be interested in my own story based on a long distance relationship with the most beautiful girl ever.
Mr. Sparks,
First off, I want to say that I love your books so much! As of now, The Wedding or The Notebook have been my favorites but I recently started The Best of Me and I'm hooked! I have always loved the settings of your stories, partially because I live in a small southern town in South Carolina so many of these places are close to home for me. I really admire your work and I hope you keep doing what you do.
Hi Mr. Sparks,
I just finished The Longest Ride and again enjoyed how you captured living day to day with the love of humanity. I love the surprise ending. Thank you for your writing Nick and I will keep reading your work during this longest ride of life. God Bless.
Randy Ruffner
Hi Nick,So I am of course a fan and yes I have read all your books and yes enjoyed all of them. I really liked the guardian. One of my favourites.Anyway just a short question hoping not to be too bold and I love your style of writing but was hoping you could possibly think of writing a book one day where the woman in the book is a bit difficult. Possibly has too strong of a personality. Not so delicate on the outside. She's independent and never thought about a relationship (I guess somewhat of a tomboy) until a persistent gentleman comes along. Is that too sad of a plot? I'm not a writer and I have no talent when it comes to it so I thought I would contact a writer blessed with that talent.- Monica
Just finished reading "The Longest Ride", until now "The Wedding" was my favorite book. A hopeless romantic I cried through much of the book and felt the true love of both these books. I write myself but have only been published in a few local papers. I write a monthly column for a small paper now at the age of 69. I did not discover this talent others say I have until I was 55 years old. which shows it is never to late. I write from the heart and in a simple way and most people say I put into words what they feel. I say all this because I feel this is truly what you also do. Giving feeling to what is truly important. Thus the story of the longest ride could be what we all wish our lives can and should be. Thank you Mr. Sparks for your words that fill my heart with the meaning I hope to someday give to others. Betty Jewell
I Love your movies i love the story's be hide them they are so powerful! and i just started reading the lucky one and it's awesome! i can't wait to read The Longest Ride! .MaryAlice.
Oi meu nome é thayla moro em goiás que fica no brasil o primeiro livro que li seu foi o diário de uma paixão eu amei dps não quis parar agora terminei de ler querido John e quero continuar lendo seus livros cada vez mais. o jeito que vc penssa em escrever entra na alma mostrando
Querido Sr. Sparks: Me urge contarle como me siento luego de leer uno de sus libros.Resulta que como el miércoles pasado me tenía que internan para operarme al día siguiente de la vesícula,decidí ir a una librería el domingo anterior y comprarme un libro de usted para leer mientras quedara internada.Compré el mensaje en la botella;desde que llegué hasta que me fui lo leí detenidamente,pensando en cada episodio que estaba ocurriendo en la historia,es más, me sentía dentro de ella,como una observadora de todo lo que estaba pasando allí;me emocioné mucho desde el principio a fin,no podía entender cómo un amor tan intenso terminara en tragedia,es más en ningún momento esperaba que Garret muriera,me imaginaba un accidente pero en ningún momento que aquello le costara la vida.No podía terminar de leer las últimas páginas porque de tanta angustia no podía parar de llorar,me sentía muy mal,como si me hubiera pasado a mi,era una sensación horrible,mucha tristeza...Me...
I am now reading The Longest Ride for the second time. BEST BOOK EVER!!!!
Hy, my name is Luisa, I'm from Brazil, Rio de janeiro and I´m 15 years old... My english isn´t very well, so i´m sorry about my gramatic´erros.. I realy looooove your books !! I have already read: the last song, dear john, the best of me and the notebook.. now I´m reading a walk to remember.. i have already buy "the longest ride" and I´m so exiting to read.. For the moment, I thing that "the best of me " are your best book ever.. I promess me that I will read all your books, because I love your stories so much !!! romances and the complicated things of love makes your books the best !! I hope you came in Rio !! I really hope to read one book your that the story doesn't happened at North Carolina, but at Rio de janeiro, Corcovado, Copacabana's beach and the main character names Luisa ( that lives an unconditional -, beautiful - and a happy end love story) hahahhhahahaha, thanks for give me fun, smiles and tears before sleep, because every night I read some pages of your books in...
Hello Nicholas Sparks, I'm Wisllane Gennaro da Silva. I am 16 and I am completely in love with books. Love all your books, every word, every verse of his book is how I'm living know? Read to me is much more than flipping through multiple pages, or even read every word written there. Lee is living every written word, as if it were their own story! And his books are well, thank you for presenting me with their stories. I'm your fan. Thank you for existing, and I'll be expecting more of your books! Kisses.
Currently reading Safe Haven and I gotta be honest, it is pulling me in as I continue to read.
dear Mr. Sparks I am Sanika from India. I'm 16 but i was 13 when I first read your book 'The Last Song' and to say that i was mesmerized by that book would be an understatement .I loved that book and even at the age of 13, without any experience of true love, I still connected to it and that book left me pleased as well as sad ....subsequently i read 'The Lucky One','Message in a Bottle','The Notebook',' A Walk to Remember', and each one of those gave me a good insight of how love would eventually feel...I love your books but there is something that i don't like about your books.. I have no experience of life and the world and I'm sure as hell in no position to give you advice about your writing but what I would like to ask is ,why is it that in most of your books people die and there is a terminal disease involved? Its not that I'm a 'happily- ever- after' kind of person but its sometimes depressing to read your books and its not that I can't handle the sorrow, but it gets to be a...
Dear Mr Sparks, um- so hi. My name's Diana and I'm 14. I'm a big fan of your books. I just read your books recently and immediately I fell in love with it! 'A Walk To Remember' is incredible! I watched the movie a while ago and I absolutely love it! I just read 'The Notebook' and well I am absolutely stunned! (Obviously! Who would love your books?!) I love the way you write and I have been writing since I was 11. You inspire me that true love do exist and you are my inspiration. Hope I can read more of your books. I mean hope you write more books and I can continue fangirl over your writing and stories!
Thank you for your perfect writing and your wonderful books!
With respect, Diana
Hi, Mr. Sparks! My name is Joanne Odevilas and I'm 17 years old. I come from the Philippines! :) I am such a huge fan of your books. I wish you'd come visit the Philippines for a book-signing event or something. Your talent in writing inspires me so much that I want to become a successful writer just like you! I am looking forward to the movies of The Best of Me & The Longest Ride. More blessings to you and your family! God bless. :)
Mr. Sparks,
I am 21 years old. I have been a fan of you since The Notebook came out as a movie. Once I saw The Notebook I was hooked. Your books are fantastic. And the movies always are enjoyable. Out of your novels I love The Guardian the absolute most. I can say without exaggerating that it is indeed my favorite book. (its actually on my desk right now) And I do wish with all my heart that it will become a movie. :) Keep doing what your doing. Its great! Always a fan, Samantha
'A Walk To Remember' is your first book that I've read and believe me, I've been your huge fan since then. As you had promised in the beginning, you made us smile and cry both, it being such a beautiful and heart-touching story. Looking forward to your other books too! Accept my gratitude for such wonderful moments I had during the journey of reading.
Hello Sr: Nicholas Sparks ..
Well, I've been through this humble note to say I'm in love with your books ..
Already read all, but what I like even more of a passion and diaries. Our lovely story. I was thinking about becoming a writer soon as he finished high school.But whatever I'm still certain doubts know. Could you give me a hint about this? Well, I love right from small and my other passion is reading and writing. But I think not write very well.
Finally, and I'm kinda no subject to write today ...
I will be very happy if you answer me ..
From already thank you. Aah and continue having success with her books.
And may God bless you today and always ..
His beloved reader Mikaelle!
Good day Mr. Sparks
Not so long ago that I started reading your books, actually I watched every adapted film based on your story. I like your story, especially during the turning point to love and sacrifice. I know all writers have their own turning points but yours is different. I don't know, I just find your story interesting. I didn't think that the outcome would be that or this. Every time I started to think what will happened next, I am disappointed because it was not. But then again I am glad that it didn't because yours is much better. Amazing books wrote by amazing people.
Dear Mr Sparks,
Thank you for sharing your gift with me. Every story you write give this broken heart of mine hope that maybe someday it would mend itself, and perhaps find the kind of love is longing for, the kind of love you write in your stories. If I have learned anything in life is that I should never give up hope. In the meantime I dream and wonder through your stories what it would be like if only.....And I am not ashamed to admit it, but I pretend to be one of the characters in your books. Thank you and best wishes to you.
Dear Mr Sparks,
I just finished reading "3 Weeks with My Brother" and it was by far my favorite of all your books. I feel like I read it at just the right time in my life. This last year our son committed suicide, 3 months later my brother was killed in a terrible car accident and 2 weeks after my brother died my father in law died of COPD when he went in for an elective surgery and developed pneumonia. Hearing your story made me feel normal. I had been feeling like I am a different person since all this happened. People have said " how do you keep going?" well what choice do I have? I have read all of your books and somehow missed this one but now I feel I found it at this time for a reason. Thank You so much for this book :)
Kelli Flores
I love your sentences and i have all your book and i have seen all your movies. I adored them. I hope in a new book in 2014 and in the new film
Dear Mr. Sparks, I'm Alexis (everyone calls me Lexi) I absolutely love your work. My passion is to read and write, and my dream one day is to get the novel I'm writing now to be published and made into a movie. It's been my dream ever since I could remember, but I never believed in myself. I believe that I can do it if i just work hard enough. It's not hard anyway because I love doing what I do, it's just the business part. I'm only 15 but I believe that anything is possible. Thank you so much for allowing me to believe in myself.Sincerely,Lexi Taveras
Dear Mr Sparks today is Valentine's day. Since I don't have a soulmate to spend it with, i spent the day reading the Notebook and hoping to find that kind of love someday. I'm a 17 year old girl hoping that some Valentine's Day in the future i'll get the chance to celebrate some kind of real love story like the ones you write about. Thank you so much for giving the hopeless romantics like myshelf reason to hope that out there there is something like what we are looking for. Happy Valentine's Day.
A huge fan from Greece!!!
Dear Mr. Sparks, my name is swagata and i'm from india. i just wanted to say that i'm a great fan of yours and your books....
Your books made my vocubulary not only good but appreciative... so thanks for your amazing books..
Dear Mr Sparks, My name is Fitore. I'm 21 years old and I´m from Kosovo . I just wanted to say that I love the way you write your books. I write too much i think writing is the only way to escape, the only way to be real, the only way to create an imagination of your own world, the only way to tell a story in different ways. I dream that one day i will be the author of my own book.
Hi Mr. Sparks. I'm Blair from Philippines. I really enjoy reading your books :) It greatly inspired me especially your "A Walk to Remember". Every time I listen to the song entitled "Cry by Mandy Moore", I can't think of anything else except your story. I just wanted to know what is your main purpose of writing this novel? I hope you'll answer my question and PLEASE CONTINUE WRITING NEW LOVE STORIES! <3 You're one of my inspirations in writing my own too. :) God Bless you more!
Dear Mr. Sparks,
Hi my name is Sarah. I am 16 years old and love reading. I have always loved to read but something changed after I read my first book by you. I knew that my love of reading wasn't just something that was for my enjoyment; it was a wonderful gift. With this gift, I have grown into a person that I am very fond of; a person that opens their mind and their heart to let the power of a book (such as yours) in. As I continue to read the other books you have written, I learn more and more about the person I am and how powerful words can be. So I thank you. Thank you for using your gift as a writer to show me my gift and to allow me to be the person I am.
(P.S. I believe that "The Guardian" would make a fantastic movie!)
Amo seus livros e, sinceramente, prefiro ter o prazer de pegar, tocar no livro, que ver o filme (que muitas vezes deixar a desejar por cortar partes importantíssimas). Não curto histórias de final feliz/nem sempre possível. seus romances trazem drama e realidade tornando a historia mais emocionante e real. amo ler você e um sonho? ter todos os seus livros na estante. *___* Amo-te, e desejo sempre e sempre mais sucesso e mais livros perfeitos. Agradeço desde já. Bruna Motta from Brazil.
Ola! Meu nome é Juliete, tenho 23 anos e sou de São paulo.
Eu amo os livros e filmes de Nicholas Sparks, me apaixonei por ele desde que li o primeiro livro que foi "Querido John", desde então não consegui mas deixar de acompanhar seu trabalho. Claro que ainda falta muito para minha coleção, mas eu ainda chego lá. Atualmente estou lendo "O milagre", estou amando a historia é maravilhosa. Nicholas meu amor você é incrível! Gostaria de conhece-lo pessoalmente e ter autógrafos em todos meus livros. Cada dia me apaixono mais por seu trabalho. *---*
Hello, my name is Lauryne Hartman. I have been a fan of yours for some time now and have read the books that you have written. The way you captivate each character and their emotion makes every reader feel that emotion of the character. I was never a big reader until my friend gave me a book of yours and I could not put it down. I felt like I was the character of your story and then I read another book and another and kept envisioning each character and where they were in life.To be honest, I did not read The Notebook before I watched the movie. I thought the movie was phenomenal and appreciated the actors and everything about it; including the story line. Then I picked up the book. The book was even better than I thought it would be. There were details that the movie left out that really made a huge difference in my mind. The same happened with Safe Haven. With that one I did read the book first. I could picture every character, every moment, every season. However, the movie...
Dear Mr. Sparks I have not read any books since high school, besides my children's books for my three girls until my mother (who hates to read also) had told me how great The Longest Ride was after this past Christmas and since then I have read 9 of your novels and the rest I have ordered! You are truly talented and blessed, you have turned two non-readers into readers, keep them coming! God Bless you and your family!
Dear Mr Sparks,
My name is Kayon McPherson, I am a twenty two years old college student from Jamaica. I have a passion for reading good books with a story line that is intriguing and I must give you credit sir because your novels are what I call page turners. I love to delve in your book in my spare time and to visit this website frequently just to see what is new and what you are up to in regards to your writing. I completely love 'A Walk to Remember' and 'The Notebook', they are my two favourite books.I have not and do not think I will ever find a book to top these. Not only are they my favourite books but also my top two movies. Sir, I have read them over and over to the point where I can repeat the lines. I still cry like a love sick heart broken teenager when I watch them even though I have seen them a million times and know exactly what will happen. Mr Sparks, you are such a brilliant writer because I have read the book and watched the movie,' Message in a Bottle' once and...
Hi, Mr Sparks... My name is Bryan Tomé, i'm a brazilian fan.
I just want to say to you that your novel Dear John (Querido John, in Brazil) have changed my life. Thanks to you and this novel, i've started to understand my dad and i'm going to Haiti with the Brazilian Army. You are the best writer of our time, and every novel that u publishes, changed my life in some way... U're the best! Thanks for every single thing. Love u
Dear Nicholas Sparks,You were born for writing! It’s a part of who you are. You own the knack to create magnificent and remarkable love stories. I’m really happy that your talent already lead you to the pinnacle of success. Every book is something special and an accomplishment, because every word of your talented novels taught me something that I don’t want to miss anymore. The English language brings joy and happiness in my life! Last night I finished “Three weeks with my brother”. It was a moving and overwhelming story, which taught me more than ever to appreciate the little things in life.Live simply!
Dream big!
Be grateful!
Bring joy and happiness in other people’s life, because happiness is only real when shared!
Give Love!
Laugh Lots!
The little things in life can be the biggest with the right person!Fortunately, I live every moment and for that I’m really grateful!I would like to thank you that you opened your heart and shared...
All I can say is "WOW". I had never read any of your books until about a month ago. It was "The Best Of Me" and now I am hooked! I had never read anything that could make me feel like I was in the middle of the story, I must say your books do that to me. I have purchased just about book you have written and have read the majority already. I just would like to thank you for the wonderful gifts I feel like I receive when I read you work.
Dear Mr. Sparks, I just finished The Wedding and loved it! I have also read The Guardian! Please turn that one into a movie! :) You rock! Love your stories!!
Hello Mr Sparks!! I am Riddhi,18 years old and from India. I have by now read 3 books of you-Walk to remember, the notebook and the wedding. All 3 are just amazing and i love the way you pen down everything. You are THE BEST!! i am in love with the novels you write. i ll surely be reading all of them (hopefully). Once if start to read a book i just cant stop untill i finish it and i feel thats one of the greatesh sign of reading the best book. THAKNS A LOT FOR WRITING SUCH AMAZING BOOKS!
Hello Mr Sparks!! I am Riddhi, 18 years old and from India! i have by now read only 3 books written by you-walk to remember,the notebook and the wedding.All 3 are just amazing. I love the way you pen down everything. Once i start reading a novel i cant stop until i finish reading it and i think that is one of the signs that indicates of the best book. Thanks a lot for writing such wonderful books. The very first novel of my life was Walk to remember and since then i am a huge fan of yours. And a BIG THANKS for making this page and letting us connect with you. It feels very good to write to a writer.
Hello Mr. Sparks, my name is Andrea and I am 16 years of age and I'm from Arizona. I am writing on your fan wall to let you know how much of an AMAZING author you have become. I enjoy your books so far and will continue to read more as well. I am definitely looking forward for you to keep doing what you do best because I am fascinated by your work. Ever since I read one of your books, "At First Sight" I have not stopped bugging my parents on how great this book was. All of your movies and books are just PERFECT. It gives me a great aspect on love and how life really is. I've learned so much from reading your work and very excited to finish many of your novels. Most importantly, the best part about your books, it all just seems so real. When I read, I feel that I am there. That I'm visualizing what is going on in my mind. You are a wonderful author! Thank you for your time. love, Andrea
Hi Sir Sparks. My name is Amanda. I live in Brazil in the state of Bahia. As a child my parents encouraged me to read. I started to read perfectly to five years. Loved and love to travel in different adventures, I always say that a normal person live an adventure and a reader one lives several aventras. Not sure if this is a problem but I have no friends, the only ones are my books. I do not like parties and not like going out. My relatives call me strange. But I swear I'm not. I try to fit in but I can not. Hold me their stories and any other book. My dream is to be a writer, do not need to be famous, but wondered express myself the same way you know. I admire you so much! And I admire you for the rest of my days.
Nicholas I am 75 with Parkinsons, Dr. told me to read a lot and it would help keep my mind fresh and not get so fuzzy. I started reading yours and have a hard time putting them down. When the movies come out i cannot wait to go see them. I have 2 of them now on cds.
Thank you, Bless you for your wonderful writing.
Dear Mr.Sparks thank you for writting novels that there is away for people to find there way back to eachother no matter the sircumstances
Missy Ferguson
Dear Mr. Sparks, I love all your books!! Please make a movie for your story The Guardian! :-) That would be awesome! Aloha!!
Dear Mr. Sparks, the first time i read your novel, it really touched my heart, i can feel every emotions in it. How I wish you can make me a novel based on my true story. People around me, used to force me to send my story to the best novel writer i know. I am willing to share my story, to the whole world, but i don't know how will i be able to do it. I want to share the burdens, sacrifices, challenges and hidden happiness of my life.
Dear Nicholas:
My name is Samantha. I'm 15, and a big mexican fan of yours. I've read 12 books of yours and i love every single one, literally. The first one was Dear John, and since i read it, every single time i go to the library and i see a book with " Nicholas Sparks"...i swear i just take ti with me in less of two seconds. I may sound like a crazy fan, but i'm not...or at least i like to think this way. I've just finished "The longest ride", and as usually i love it! Finally, i just decided to write you because i would love meet you's one of my biggest dreams. You're my favorite author, really. I dream of the day i finally meet you :) i know you came to México once, but i couldn't go! So please please please please...can you come again? Please..Hope you see my post . See you soon! (Hope so)
gabriella-barros Olá meu amado e admirado Nicholas Sparks, eu sou a Gabriella Barros, eu tenho 16 anos, e moro no Brasil. E eu sou extremamente apaixonada pelos seus livros. Tenho a coleção com 8 das suas obras, o primeiro livro que li foi Querido John , eu odiava romances até ler este livro, apos ele me viciei, e enquanto não convenci meus pais de comprarem está coleção para mim, eu não me aquietei em casa. Querido John, é um livro que para mim tem um valor imenso, além da história ser linda, eu me identifico com cada linha, cada página, cada capítulo... Bom, desde criança eu tenho uma ligação muito forte com a lua, e quando namorava quando a lua estava cheia era a forma de ficar mais perto do meu namorado, pois eu sabia que naquela hora, aonde fosse que ele estivesse, ele estaria olhando para ela e pensando em mim, desde os meus 11 anos tenho como hobbie escrever cartas e atualmente me declaro ao garoto que gosto atraves de cartas, meu sonho é trabalhar com crianças altistas, sou...
Mr. Sparks: I attended "An Evening with Nicholas Sparks" at Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, MO a couple of weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed your comments especially the ones detailing some of the inspirations for your books. I couldn't help but think about a song I heard on the latest album release by country artist David Nail. He co-wrote the song "The Secret" which is a heart-wrenching love story. I recommend you listen to this song and I truly feel that it could be an inspiration for your next book!!
I am in love with your books I have read a few of your books and I am in love with them. My two favorite are The Lucky One and Safe Haven. I really enjoy reading your books. You should really come to Sioux City, Iowa for a book signing. I really want to get a book signed by you.
I'm completely in awe of your writing and adore each book you have written. Your books have changed me and the memories of reading them will stay with me for a long time.. thankyou!
Hey Nick. It's an honor for one of us fans to write all thoughts and inspirational contents. I've been reading different kinds of novels since young and I couldn't stop reading ever since then after I got really hooked up with your writings. The first book which I've read was Safe Heaven and the second was Dear John and recently I've just finished The Longest Ride.The contents of the novels are truly fascinating and profoundly touching. Nick, you've inspired all the modern generations not only the reading, but also the teachings which are important to many readers too. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say thank you and keep up with the good work. Take care
Nicholas, I deeply enjoy your books and movies. I have a passion to become a writer of love stories myself. However, every time I bring myself to begin my own love story, no ideas seem to spring to mind considering majority love story ideas have been done already. I crave a mind so deep and intelligent, like yours, to be able to think of those kind of love ideas and stories. Of course I have never experienced any myself as I'm only 17 years old, so there's one thing to knock off the 'try' list. I will get there someday, in the meantime I'd just like to say that you're my influence, you've inspired me. It's always nice to know you're the reason a particular human being has quite a big passion for something.
Nick: I am writing again just to share. My daughter(Kim) bought two more of your books for me as Christmas present. "Safe Haven" and "At First Sight" I just loved them, great books, no words can describe how much I enjoy them. You are such an awesome writer.
My daughter had me promise her that I will not buy any of these books for myself because she will continue to purchase them for me.
My daughter is 28 years old and has been reading your books for many years and I did not even know it.(She has all of your hard cover books and well as many of the others).
My daughter loaned me your book "Three weeks with my brother" I read it on my flight to Punta Cana, Dominican from Iowa. It is a great awesome book, I learned a lot about your life grown up. Keep up this great work, you are "Fabulous" author.
Sincerely yours
Norma E Gardner
I love the way you write, the descriptions are so good and the stories are wonderful!
Hi!! Im doing a research paper on you and your two books, The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. If you can give me any information about it, or any connections you have with those book or the reason you wrote them please tell me! :)
Hello mr nicholas sparks i am 12 years old I love Your books especially a walk to remember im reading the guardian right now and I can not wait to watch the movie I am trying to collect all of your books I already have7 of them and try to collect the movies too You are my favorite author.
Hi Mr. Nicholas Sparks! Sorry I don't know what way to address you so please excuse the awkwardness. I am such a huge fan of your books and love the films as well. As amazing as the movies seem, I made a small pact with myself to read the book first before watching the movie adaption. I must admit, I have been lingering whether or not to finish "The Last Song" before watching the movie, and I broke my promise to myself. I just finished watching it for the first time and it was worth it! I am 15 years old, and still wondering what I should do for the rest of my life. Being an undecided High school student just reading all your work has definitely inspired me so much. My favorite book of yours so far would have to be "The Lasts Song" and "A Walk to Remember". The stories are just so heart wrenching and inspiring, I love it. I can totally relate to Ronnie's Character. I'm independent and find playing the piano is my escape during hard times, I also have experienced by brother going...
Greetings Mr. Spark! I'm Pearl and I'm just 14. I used to ignore all your books and now, I just want to say "handsdown" to all your of works and I love you. I hope to meet you someday Mr. Sparks!
hi Mr. Sparks! i really love your novels! especially the vow and a walk to remember! those novels makes me cry. i also what the lucky one in movie. i loved it! i hope you inspired many people on your novels! thank you. ! :)
Dear Mr. Sparks, My name is Andrea Garcia. I am 16 yrs old and I am from well Mesa, Arizona. I just wanted to tell you that i love all your books<3 i am a big fan of yours. Your books are all touching and inspiring to me. I myself didn't read one book at all, but one summer my mother gave me the book True believer and she said it was a touching book and that i should read. i took it and never once did i touch that book, until it was summer and i had nothing to do and i read it. I was in the love with the book that i wanted to read more of your books , and i did i read all of them in like 2 weeks and they were the best books i've ever read in my life and i want to thank you for writing the books they inspired me to read more books and to picture what is was like to love<3. SO THANK YOU!!! sincerely, Andrea Garcia
my name is hashan. I live in sri lanka. i love your books and films very much. You are the greatest writer i have ever feel in my life. ''The walk to remember novel'' changed my life. I realized that love is a beautiful thing in the world.your words are nice and i love your books every day.... (our love is like a wind, i cant see it but i feel it )
I'm in love with all your books!!! Once I start them, I have a hard time putting them down!!! Keep writing more books so I can keep reading!!!
Mr. Sparks,
As many I am from the United States. Ohio to be exact. I have also spent a few of my years in Murphy, North Carolina. I just wanted to let you know that everyday that I am reading one of your novels, you sir have given me a new hope and inspiration that one day I will have a love like you have written within my relationship. Also, you have helped me with being able to recreate the memories that I once had with the beautiful lands, and hospitality of the residents of the South and for that I am forever thankful.
Hello, Mr. Sparks, I'm Sophia. I'm very interested in your books and I am very inspired by your writing. I am just wondering why you haven't made a movie out of The Choice??? Which by the way, is an excellent book to read, as well as A Walk To Remember. I haven't read any other of your books yet but I know when I read more, I'll have nothing but good stuff to say about it. Thanks!
Mr. Sparks,
You're writings captivate me. I'm not one to be lying on my bed reading everyday, but you're books inspire me to do so. Thank you so much for all your writings. Thank you for inspiring me. The Longest Ride is definitely you're best yet.
queiroz-rafael-queiroz Ei Nicholas Sparks, não irei te chamar de Senhor aqui no Brasil as pessoas não gostam dizem estar chamando-as de velhas, enfim. Meu nome é Rafael sou brasileiro e moro em Minas Gerais. Eu conheci uma garota durante um evento da igreja a JMJ aqui no Brasil, no Rio de Janeiro no ano de 2013. E acabamos nos apaixonando eu amei ela muito simpatica, companheira, amiga, seu nome é Jennifer e assim fomos nos conhecendo e hoje somos namorados. Ela é sua fan, adora seus livros, e eu tambem agora sou seu fan. Comprei seus livros e juntos nós lemos, é perfeito como cada história de amor foi essencial para melhorar meu relacionamento com ela, seus livros são otimos e acredita aqui no Brasil é bastante aclamado. Parabens e sucesso, muito sucesso pra você e toda sua família.
I just finished reading True Believer and I loved it! I couldn't put it down. I told all my friends about it and they all want to read it!! Great work!
Mr. Sparks, I started to read because their books, and went back to writing, I just wanted to thank you for having given me the habit of falling in love, so give me what I loved to do, which was to write. Thank you for inspiring me. Every night I pray, asking the Lord be good to go for inspiring me. A big hug. With love, Tuane.
Mr. Sparks, My name is Callie. I'm 14 years old and I'm a 9th grader at North Hills High School. I take Pre-AP English 9 and we have a final due at the end of May. We have to read 3 books from any author of our choice, research our author, and write an informative essay and how the books relate to the author's life. I chose you as my author because I adore your books and movies, and you've set my expectations higher for a guy, which is a good thing. I decided to read Dear John, The Rescue, and A Walk To Remember. I need to know a little bit more about your life, is there any way I could find out more about you?
Hi, Mr. Sparks. :) I'm Sheinne. I come from the Philippines, and I'm a 16-year old aspiring writer. I've been into writing stories and I am a bookworm. I have read your "A Walk To Remember" book , and I've watched the movie also. About the book, I read it for like 3 days, and the when I read the almost last part, I started to cry. It's just that I was attached to the story so much. I can't get over with Jamie and Landon. I love Landon so much and Jamie! You're such a great writer, Mr.Sparks. :) Can I ask for a little help how to improve my writing skills ? It would mean a lot if you will. Thank you!
Dear Nicholas Sparks;
I enjoy your books very much. I just finished 'The Lucky One'. In the story, the talk about making home made ice cream. They add flour to the recipe. There is no flour in ice cream. They later open the ice cream maker to add ice. The style of ice cream maker they are using has a lid on the ice cream, but the area with the ice is open, and ice can be added easily at any time while churning.
I loved the story and look forward to reading more of your works.
Sandy Hudnor
hashan i love this words every day
amieljohn "hi"
Dear Mr Sparks, My name is Leonor. I'm 15 years old and I´m from Portugal and Spain. I just wanted to say that I love you. I love the way you write your books. I´m that kind of girl that likes to read, in fact, I hate reading, but when I read one of your books I was paralyzed. I loved every word that you wrote, and when I go to the library to buy your books, I just want to go home and start reading! I hope you continue to write, because the world need your words. Thank you for your books! Love, Leonor
The longest ride: You had me at the first page. Like Ira, I lost my beloved 9 years ago and his words and thoughts are just like mine. I also share his values and style of humor. Your picture looks so young, I wonder how you are so well able to understand and share the feelings of old men and young girls. I love your writing; it's smooth and powerful. I really liike the last page, too. Thank you.
respected, Mr.Sparks I just wanted to tell you that your books are amazing. i want to become an author as well, and i started reading your books as a way to learn how to start a book. but then i got interested in them, and now ive read each and every book of yours. your a great inspiration ! thankyou, and im looking forward for a new book. With respect, Mandy
Mr Sparks; The Longest Ride is your best novel yet and I have read them all-many while on deployments with the Army. You are a master story teller and this latest work is truly superb. Thank you for such great reads. While we all have a love story of our own, your novels bring out the best of us all. I wrote a book about my wife and I during the Vietnam war, but alas I can not capture the words like you do. Thanks Colonel GL Gresh
Hello, My name is Nicole. I am 16 years old and I live in Malta. I am a very big fan of yours and I have read every novel of yours !! Whilst I was reading "Three weeks with my brother" I got to the chapter where you came to our lovely island Malta. I hope one day you will come again, on one of your book tours.
I have just finished reading The Longest Ride and loved it, but am sad that I have to wait for another book! I have read every single book that you have written, and as I finish reading one I think - no way he can top this one - but behold, you do it every single time. You are truly a great writer. I love it when I know the "area" your books take place. As in this last book, I am very familiar with King, N.C. and Greensboro and Winston Salem as I live in Davie County, N.C. just outside of Winston Salem. Waiting for the next book, I remain a very big fan of yours. Emily
So I avoided 'Nicholas Sparks' books like the plague for, well up until a month ago. Years ago, I watched The Notebook and hated it and thought anyone who would write that drivel was not worth my time. However, a co-worker could not understand why I had never read even a single book. Late January 2014 I took the plunge, not expecting to like or even finish the book; Dear John. Well not only did I finish the book, but I've read several others since then. What I don't understand is why a good book is completely rewritten for a movie and why any author would agree to said changes. Dear John was a beautiful story about a Christian girl and a boy from the wrong side of the tracks attempting to improve his life. Christianity doesn't even enter into the movie other than a brief mention of the home being built by a charity. The names are the same, but why is Adam, Tim's son and not his brother? Why does John's dad die of a stroke and not a heart attack? Why does Tim die and Savannah and John...
Hello, My name is Wendy. I'm 17 and live in the United States. I am very inspired by your writing. Every single novel you have wrote is awe-inspiring. I have read every one of them! And I'm about to start all over again because you can never not read them enough. Thank you for everything! I can't wait for more books to come out!
Dear Mr Sparks,I have read all of your books and have just finished reading the Longest Ride. I just want to thank you so much for having Knoxville, TN in your book as well as UTK. I am a big fan of your and hope that one day that you can come on book tour here.Kathrine Jones
Dear Mr Sparks,
I'm Victoria from Argentina and I would like to tell you that you inspired me a lot. I love the way you write and I'm really looking forward to your next book. Thank you for your amazing books.
Olá Nicholas. Meu nome é Aryane e moro na cidade de Londrina, no Brasil. O primeiro contato que tive com uma de suas obras foi através do filme "A walk to remember" e depois "The notebook". Mais tarde me interessei em ler seus livros, e assim que o fiz, me apaixonei pela história e quis ler mais. A primeira obra sua que li foi "Dear John" e, particularmente, adorei a estória e tive ainda mais vontade de ler outros livros. Em seguida li "The last song" e achei o livro fantástico. No momento comecei a ler "Safe heaven". É claro que comprarei e lerei todos os seus livros, pois você é meu autor favorito e sempre estarei ansiosa para a próxima obra. Amo suas estórias e elas me fazem ter a esperança de um dia ter um grande amor como nos livros. Beijos e Deus abençoe muito sua vida e continue iluminando esse dom maravilhoso que Ele te deu.
I just finished reading The Lucky One 20 minutes ago. I hope to go to your meet and greet in Iowa on March 28! I am working on reading all of your novels, next up is The Choice.
Mr. Sparks, I have been a fan of your books. I have read all of them and watched the films. My husband and I began dating when he lived at Morehead, NC. While he was working in Atlantic Beach, I would sight see the area and loved it. While reading your books I knew of the places you had mentioned in your book. The last book is also special. I live in Virginia just north of the triad. I have been to a bull riding ranch in McLeansville with my parents and I have family that live in King. So, I have really enjoyed the book. I was so emotional also when reading about Ruth's impact on education. I am a teacher and I look forward to seeing my students progress. The best feeling is when my former students come back to visit and tell me what they are doing. A postcard, a note, an email or a visit from them lets me know that my purpose in life is to teach. Thank you.
hi I heard your releasing a new movie and have not yet casted the main male character I have read the book and I would love to see Gerald Butler play the part
Mr. Sparks
I like your last name. I'm Korina Lynn Emery Martinez. I love your books. I love to read, especially your books. Your a really good author. I am looking forward to your coming books.
-Yours in eternity
I'm 16years old and I live in the UK and I would absolutely love if you came to London for a book signing or something, you are truly an amazing author and one of my favorites by far. I love both your books and film adaptions, the one I love the most so far was The Notebook, you are truly an inspiration and would be so honored to get the chance to meet you. Please carry on with writing, you really have a gift. Thank you!
Grande Nicholas, companheiro de muitos momentos em que estive sozinho e triste pela perca de uma grande pessoa na minha vida... Suas palavras ao mesmo tempo em que me fazia chorar, lavavam todo o meu ser de uma forma inovadora e revigorante. És um grande exemplo, em breve quando eu escrever meu próprio livro saiba que será muito inspirado em você. Obrigado!!
Dear Mr.Sparks,
I am a very big fan of your work! I am on my fourth book of yours, The Last Song, and so far it is amazing! So far I have read The Notebook, The Wedding, and The Rescue. Even though I cried throughout 80% of all the books, I'm a huge softie when it comes to love stories, they are absolutely amazing books! I even made myself a goal to finish reading all of your 18 books by the end of 2014 and I really hope to fulfil that goal! I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your books! Once again your an amazing writer and I hope you continue writing your fantastic love stories.
Your fan, Julia
Dear Mr.Nicholas Sparks , My name is Swathi. I'm 17 years old and from India. I came to know about you from the movie Walk To Remember and since then I started reading your works and fell in love with them. I like to write a lot and you're one of my inspirations. I completely love the way you write about how a character feels especially in The Notebook. Safe Haven is another book which touched my heart. I just bought The Longest Ride yesterday and I'm gonna start reading it. Thank you so much for writing these novels. Each time, I am amazed by your work and I really hope to meet you someday.
Dear Mr Sparks,
I am a huge fan of your novels. They are very well written, and capture the true meaning of love and life. I enjoy reading each and every one. I am currently reading The Longest Ride, and I am very interested to see how the two love stories will connect. I hope to go to one of your book signings one day to meet you in person. Thank you for writing the best love stories!
Hi Nicholas,
I just watched the movie "NoteBook" last night…..I cried and cried…I love, LOVE STORIES….I am an artist at heart but I also started writing my first Love story Novel ( a True Story)…. I'm not very good with words but I at least speak from my heart…I read your story of how you started your work and finding an agent, etc… I cried….. Yeah, I even cry at commercials sometimes…Thanks for sharing your story, it gives all writers hope…..Donna
Hi, Nicholas! My name is Rodrigo, I'm fifteen years old and I'm from Brazil. I'm a big fan of his books, and I love your books, they inspire me to write my own novels and I hope one day to be a great writer like you! Last year you were here in Brazil, in the Book Fair and I was very sad not to have gotten an autograph or a picture with you. But maybe one day it will happen? A Hug!
Dear Mr Nicholas, My name's ayu and I'm from Indonesia. I do love your novels. The best of the best is "The Notebook" that reminds me that "true love will be met and will come back no matter what happen" thank you .. you write so good
I would like to meet and greet you Mr. Sparks. I'm planning to be like you when I grow up!
Dear Mr. Sparks,
Although I have read most of your books, I just finished reading The Longest Ride and felt compelled to share with you how it truly touched me. Recently graduated from college, I was in a sorority and connected with Sophia in many ways. Like Ruth I am a teacher and go to school each day in hopes of changing a child's life. Like the Vice President, my name is Gabrielle and I do believe you mentioned Wisconsin in your story, which is where I am from. Although my grandparents passed away before I was born and I've always wondered what they were like. I know deep down he was just like Ira and she like Ruth. She passed away years before him due to cancer and I believe be died of a broken heart. After reflecting on this book, I have come to realize how important love is in my life. We have recently been going through challenging times in our relationship and this book has touched me in numerous ways including light to new perspective. It truly felt as though it was...
Hello. My name is Ashley and I'm 14 in the United States. I'm sure that you hear this a lot, but every bit of it is true. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember. It has always been able to clear my mind whenever I'm upset. I love being able to write my emotions and express my ideas through a story. I am a huge fan of yours and it has been a dream of mine to meet you. You are one of my biggest inspirations. Your books and everything that you do has helped me to realize that I want to do the same thing when I'm older. I just want to thank you for that. It would be great if I could get some advice on how to get started with my writing career when I get older.
Seus livros são maravilhosos, quando termino uma leitura mal posso esperar pelo próximo livro. Parabéns e obrigado. Não pare de escrever.
Mr. Nicholas Sparks, if want to know my life story and understand the piont of destiny that brought me up here, I will be available to entire movie of my life!
I write these word strangled with emotion and full hope, with the firm conviction that eventually will someone to take seriously the hand of fate brought us this far and then what or to follow in the future:A man well defined logic in a scope but reality,but as fine mist floats on the misunderstanding of decay and weakness.
With apologies, I'm not English speaking.
Hi, My name is Laura, I'm French girl living in NYC. I'm a big fan of yours. All your books are wonderful stories. Thank to you. One question: When "the notebook musical" its gonna be on broadway ??? I can't wait to see that :) Have a great night.
Dear Mr Nicholas, my name's ayu and I'm from Indonesia, I do love your novel, the best of the best your novel is "The Notebook" that novel remember me about "true love will be met and will come back no matter what happen" thank you write your novel so good
I relly like all your books!! It's inspire me a lot!
Hey i am 13 and really love your books and movies you are one of my inspiration!
Hi, I feel like I know you from reading ALL of your books, and seeing those that have become movies. Your style of writing is so amazing and it gives me such great pleasure in reading your books. I dread starting a new one because I CANNOT put it down, unless there is an emergency or I fall asleep from reading so much. Don't ever stop writing, it would be such a waste. I have vacationed in most of the story settings and I think that's what got me so interested in your books in the very first one. I could actually picture some of the sites and beaches you write about. Thank you Nicholas Sparks, for ALL of your wonderful entertainment !!!! God Bless
Hello, my name is Jamile'm Brazilian and a big fan of yours. I have a collection of all his books ... almost ops, only I lack a "Nights in Rodanthe". And proud to be your fan and read his books I am because you are a great writing, their writing charms, thrill, it's like you understand the feelings; simply wonderful. I hope you keep writing more and more and delighting us with their stories. Well, just want you to know that you are wonderful as a person and professionally, keep it up.Ps: Being a writer is one day I breathe into you lol. bj
Hello, Mr. Nicholas Sparks! I know about you a long time ago but it was just last year that I and my friends decided to read your books. Now, I have read 14 out of your 18 novels and it has always been a wonderful experience since I open the first page of the first book I read. I feel like aside from enjoying myself with your stories, I also get to gain a lot of wisdom from you. Thank you so much! It's your birthday tomorrow and I wanna wish you good health all the time. By the way, I am 16 years old and one of your big fans here in the Philippines! I don't know if you have ever been in our country but I wanna tell you that "Mahal ka namin" (We love you!). God bless you, Mr. Nick! Keep on inspiring your readers!
To Nicholas Sparks:Thank you for writing the stories that you do. They keep my hope alive that maybe, perhaps my hopeless love story may find light at the end of the tunnel. That even through the darkest circumstances, there is a silver lining.
ola meu nome é Ana Paula tenho 18 ano e moro no Brasil. adoro suas obras (suas historias) comecei a ler seus livros ano passado e o primeiro livro que ganhei foi QUERIDO JOHN,ganhei do meu namorado e a cada dia que eu lia eu via que a historia era muito parecida com a minha e do meu namorado( na quele tempo ele exercia o exercito mas hoje ele não ta mais por que pedi para ele sair pois eu sofria muito,mas me arrependo disso porque o exercito é o sonho dele). depois que li querido john quis ler mais livros seus e hoje tenho 3 obras suas (querido john, um homem de sorte e diario de uma paixão) e é claro que pretendo ter todas as suas obras e historia! você é um otimo autor e suas historias sao incriveis .... sempre gostei de ler livros de romance mas os seus livros foram o que mai tocaram meu coração. parabens por ser um autor tão maravilhoso que és, e repito a dizer adoro suas obras! sou sua fã !
by:Ana Paula
i have been an avid fan of nicholas sparks,i even watch him on tv interviewed by boy abunda here on philppines,ive got collection of his novels (hopefully i can purchase all)for my library,i love to read those books over and over again!ur great!congrats.
Thank you for all of those beautiful moments I had reading your books. Life isn´t always easy, but while reading your books I can always forget everything bad.
I've been a fan of your books and movies for many years along with my 2 daughters. I may have a good base for a book/movie, true story how my mother in law's parents met. She is 81 and one sister still living 87. How their parents meet was destiny at the age of 10 then again 8 yrs later both in different province. If you are interested please let me know.
While I was at the cash purchasing "The Guardian," the clerk became so excited that I was buying one of your books. She told me that she is a huge fan of your work; I was so happy that she disclosed this because we connected instantly as a result of your wonderful (life changing) writing. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched "A Walk to Remember" and "Nights in Rodanthe" (among many more films) because (on a bad day) your work helps "me" realize in the powers of hope
and faith. I truly take my time in reading your novels as I like to savor the treat. Right now I'm reading "The Longest Ride" and Ira's love for his deceased wife is so beautiful. Luke too is a rare gem. Thank you Mr. Sparks :)
I have been a fan since I was in the hospital in 2009. Today I heard of the lady who had written to a radio station prior to her death. I wonder if she was a fan of yours.......Happy Holidays and Have a Wonderful New Year. All the best in the future.
HELLO: I have been trying to write to you for quite a long time. This is the 2 letter, the first is lost in cyber space and to top it all it was not easy to find your address.
Reason for this letter is to thank you for being such a good writer. My daughter bought 2 of your books for my Birthday-Mother's day present. "the best of me & the Lucky one". I have to share with you when I first stared reading the Best of me, I had a hard time putting this book down. The way you write I could actually visualized Dawson & Amanda's faces. You are such a good author I could see me in their life what they were doing and places they were at, certain parts of the book had me feeling sad even crying.
When I was reading the part of Amanda being in the hospital with her son. I was also at the hospital with my husband "Mark" he had kidney stones removed. There was Doctors, Nurses every where just like in the book. Thank God I had your book in my hands as my companion. I was reading...
Sir,You are so great. How you can write beautiful per my opinion, no one in this world like you (writer). I have read your all novels.I like u r walk to remember novel.i read it in only 8 hours are die heart fan
bhushan (india)
catatop Dear Mr. Sparks:I am attaching a photo of my brick, which surrounds the Monroeville County Courthouse, Monroeville, Alabama. A long journey by car, with my constant canine companion, Casper (A retired Weimaraner therapy dog who was thrown into a dumpster on 12/25/01 as a "bad" Christmas gift), to Monroeville in hopes of, as legend holds, I might run into my favorite author of all-time (you are in the top 10, and I'm a Literature Professor!), Ms. Nelle Harper Lee. Although that did not happen, the trip, making stops along the way with friends, family and tourist traps, I truly felt the presence of such an awe-inspiring woman! I collect first edition, first printing books of my favorite authors, but only in hardcover format. Many of my books are signed, usually in person. I used to lend out my "library", which unfortunately finds me in an awkward moment. You see, I buy 2 books at the same time of contemporary authors like yourself. One to preserve, the other to read. I have created a...
Currently I am re-reading The Choice, and I have noticed that you seem to favour Kevin as a character for you books - Kevin, the boyfriend in the Choice, the ex-husband in Safe Haven and the son in Message in a Bottle. Is there a reason or a person behind why you choose the name Kevin?Also, will there be any competitions for your readers in countries other than the US? It seems a lot of the competitions - like the 12 Days of Sparks - are only available to US residents, there are so many of your fans, like myself, who live in different countries all over the world, and would love the chance to win something, or even just the ability to enter a competition.
I have always loved to read, but never realized how much until I came across one of your books!! The Best of Me, which brought me to tears, I so have never been touched like that before, you have a gift Nicholas Sparks, and we as your fans so appreciate and love that you do share your stories with us. I have quite a collection and funny thing, my husband told me of a movie he said I HAVE to see, when it finally came on, I was delighted, it was The Lucky One, I just finished reading it down at the beach! We sat down together and enjoyed the movie and then he surprised me with "The Story" by Brandi Carlile, he made a copy and gave to me!! We shared one of the most romantic moments in my marriage and we do have a story that started many years ago, and reunited 21 years later.... I am THE LUCKY ONE : ) Thank you and much happiness to you!
Hi, I just wanted to say that I love your books, you are truly a talented author (I'm sure you get that a lot but I just had to say it). I have read all of your novels and I loved every single one of them (though there were a few that I had to get more into the novel to love). I quite love that most of your novels have a story behind them, that you wrote them because of someone, that's amazing and sad because your books are sad yet beautiful. My favorite is A Walk to Remember, I cried throughout the entire last chapter and when I found out who you based it on, it made me love it all the more, I'm so sorry for your sister and your parents, you lost them too young but because of them you've written beautiful stories that they live through. Anyways, thank you so much for all your amazing work and I can't wait for the rest that are to come and the movies. (I really hope that your next 2 movies, 'The Best of Me' and 'The Longest Ride' are great, I really loved the books and my mom and I...
I have been reading through all of your books this year and I love all of them. "The Lucky One" was a wonderful book. I have read it before and I have seen the movie but since I was reading all of them I just got finished re-reading it last month. You are a wonderful author and one of my favorites.
The first time I ever heard your name I was at the local mall here Sunrise Mall in Citrus Heights, Ca. And I was walking by Walden's books and you were in there signing The Notebook. So I got an autographed copy and ever since then I was hooked. I now own all your books in hardback. My son now attends Bella Vista High school in Fair Oaks where you went. I hope you write many more books and have a Very Merry Christmas. Please come back to the area for a book signing.
Ci, I'm Polish and my love for the works of Mrs. Sparks began when I watched The Notebook. Then I started to look for other movies. It turned out that most of my favorite movies are based on books Sparks. Then began my madness, and I read everything that falls into my hands. Now I reach for these books again. I love this work. This hope in these books. I dream to go to Carolina, and feel it all. Greetings from Polish: D Magdalena
I have read every book and watched every movie and I loved them all, please keep writing.
You are my favorite author .....always waiting for the next one..Safe Haven my favorite ..loved the move just as much !
My first book of yours that I ever read was "Bend in the Road" and I was hooked. This was even before I knew about "The Notebook" and others that became movies and that you had written the books. I haven't made it through all of your books yet but hope to one day. Hoping Santa brings me "The Longest Ride" for Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
I have read all your books and saw all the movies, but one thing I never liked: You let Lexi Darnelle die! That was sad!
You have been my inspiration since I have first known you, a devoted getaway and truly dear friend through your books... Thank you for everything and keep on writing <3
Since I watched 'A Walk To Remember' I fell in love with this story. Now it's my all time favorite movie! Now i've got every movie on dvd, and i'm searching for all te original book covers for my collection. So proud of it! Love, C. (Belgium)
Since I've seen "A Walk To Remember" I fell in love with this story, and all the others. Now I,ve got all the movies and I'm searching for all the original book covers for my collection. So far, i'm really proud on it! Love, C. (Belgium)
My mom and me have watched all your movies, but for her the Notebook is the one she really loves. My dad died 3 months shy of their 60th anniversary from Alzheimer's. It was a very bad time for her but she took very good care of him till the day he died. He died in July 2001 at age 78, and she misses him each and every day. He was in the army when they met and got married and he went off to WW2. I heard so many stories from both my mom and dad and their wild courtship.Thank you for all the wonderful books and movies you have given us to enjoy and please keep them coming.Grace
The very first book I read of yours was THE NOTEBOOK, and immediately, I was hooked! All of your books have a way of sucking the reader in! My all-time favorite book EVER is one of yours, THE CHOICE. I have read it probably 8 or 9 times, and everytime I read it, I find something new, I missed the other times! I also LOVE MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE. When I read A BEND IN THE ROAD, I would get so mad at the book, I would have to call my mom and read her chapters at a time, just so she could be just as mad as I was...You are a phenomenal writer. Please, continue to write your magic and I will continue to buy it!
Love your books! I've read them all! My daughter-in-law is such a fan, she named her youngest son Nicholas ~
I just finished reading your book. It was "The Last Song". I don't remember I ever cried more in my life. It was just such a great feeling. I love my dad so much too, so I found myself in Ronnie's character. Everything that was written there, it was just so special and great. I read a lot of your books, so for me you're the best writer ever. Reading your books give me a spiritual silence and I feel myself like I'm in a another world. I just wanna thank you so much for this happiness. Go forward writing books, because teens like me need your writings. Thanks so much that you gave me that kind of books to read. They really helped me to start writing again.
Sincerely, your fan from Kosovo.
Love your books. I am currently reading your "Safe Haven" book and I can relate to that story. I also love "The Last Song." You are one of my favorite authors.
What inspired you to be a writer?
your books are amazing.... my girlfriend and i felt every emotion of your stories, sadly we aren't together anymore. But i love and still wanna be with her... She loves you, she has every book and Dvd of the book and shes always waiting for a new release. we are from South Africa and i really want to get her a signed book by you ( Nicholas Sparks ), how can i get that right from all the way here.... I'll wait however long it needs, will you be able to help me make my ex happy
I look forward to every novel and every movie,knowing that if it has your name on it , it is Gold. Because of you , I fell in love with the Outer Banks and all of it's wonder. God Bless you and your loved ones always.
Hi! You are my favorite author and I just wanted to say Happy Holidays to you and your family.
thais-oliveira Um livro como esse é que nos faz acreditar que o amor existe, ou que pelo menos já existiu um dia. Obrigada por fazer seus fãs tão felizes e tão encantados a cada leitura. #nicholas #omelhor
I feel like I get lost in your books. Thanks for your inspiration ! <3
I really love all of your books that I brought or rent them from the library. Especially "A Walk To Remember" did really inspire me and gave the name "preacher's kid" a new name to me in my perspective. God bless u to keep up writing and I will read your new book "The Longest Ride"! :D
are you ever going to come to Australia? possibly Adelaide?
jakie-cos One my collection
First novel, first time. And it felt like I've fallen deeply in love with your works <3 THE LAST SONG is my favorite. It made me cry, a lot. The fact that you've brought to words what my heart couldn't even realize, is that summer romances can really last forever.
I have read every book. They are wonderful and Nicholas Sparks is a wondeful author!!
I absolutely love all of your books. To read your stories always renews my faith in romance.. there are times when life gets me down.. I just pick up one of your books and it takes me away. My favorite... The Rescue..... loove it.
hernanurbina Gracias a Dios por darte el don de escribir, de llenarnos de sabiduría tanto en el amor como en el día diario, Gracias por las hermosas escrituras que haces en tus libros, Gracias Señor Sparks
Saludos desde Perú.
Comparto una foto con mi novia
I'm so happy to be a part of your fans! I saw you on TV and you are just incredibly loving and caring. I have loved reading your books. Thank you so much for the gift you have given us! Wishing a Merry Christmas to you and your family! And please continue to share your heart with us!
Someone asked me "what do you want to be in your future.I replied,"Nicholas Sparks".
That's all I can say in your praise, sir. That is all.
Dear Mr.Sparks,
Thank you for writing, it is a great gift to your readers and future readers. I also thank my British Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Mc.Kibbin. I was four years' old and a voracious reader. She not only allowed me to read my way through all her Kindergarten book shelves, but let me go and choose from the book shelves of all the other grades in the school. I became the student Librarian when I was eight years' old. I love to read, and have read and enjoyed all your books. My seven children are voracious readers - so please do keep writing. Guy Montag and his ilk will never get their hands on your printed pages, they are safely ensconced in our home library. The only flames fanned by your fans will be the burning desire to devour a good book. Thank you.
mom our Family Library
elaina-williams-5 I am Elaina Williams and a fan of Nicholas Sparks and I love your books!!! Especially The Notebook!!!
I haven't met a Nicolas Sparks book that I didn't love. I have read them all and wish I had a new one to delve into.
I am a huge fan and I have all of your books. I can never put them down once I start reading them. They seem so real and so true in every situation you write about. Thank you for being an amazing writer!! Look forward to seeing what you come out with next.
I am a big reader. But of all authors I read Nicholas Sparks has become my favorite by far. He is so talented, and makes his stories so interesting, you seem like you are involved with their lives. It is so interesting you can barely put them down. I have read some of them from front to back without even stopping to eat. You become so engrossed in the stories. I am always so anxiously waiting for his next book to come out. I even go watch the movies, after reading the books and they are good, but they are not as good as his books. His books has so much more. Keep up the good work I treasure your books and so do several of my friends.
EVER since I was lil girl my mom used to reed me every night her books of Nicholas sparks she had all of them when I grow up I only diser to make my owne collection of Nicholas sparks so far I only have the best of me and last song I Guess that if I had the chance to have at lest the longest ride I would be very happy thank u Nicholas sparks for beefing a great Arthur
Love love love your books! I've read them all and cannot wait when the new ones come out! Thank you for the amazing stories and will always be a huge fan!
I was never an avid reader until I read the lucky one and I feel I love with your story telling.. I have read half of the books you have written and cannot wait to purchase and finish all your books! Your story telling takes me to my happy place along with feeling so many mixed emotions that just make my day better.
Favorite book......The Wedding!!
I just want to say that you are an incredible author Mr. Sparks! I absolutely LOVE your books. You tell amazing stories that really keep my interest throughout the entire book. Your stories lines never fail to make me cry, and that's because when I'm reading your books I feel as if I become apart of them as well. I get so wrapped up that I never want to put whatever book I'm reading at the time down. Your books are an escape for me and I'm so thankful that you continue to create magical masterpieces for the world to enjoy. I look forward to reading the many books you will produce in the future.
I can not wait for Christmas! My future mother in law got me the longest ride and I can't wait to read it! Can't get enough of your books, so talented!
I have never read so much in all my life, until I read nearly all of your books, I tell everyone, that you are my favourite Author...Thank you so much for all the pleasure I receive from your books....Merry Christmas....keep writing...Thank You.
You have been my favorite author since I was 13 years of age. I'm now almost 23 years old. I lost my dad when I was 13, your books are the thing that took the pain away. I have always been a bookworm. I love all your books. I can't wait to read the longest ride. Thank you for being the best author ever!
The very first book I purchased was "The Last Song" and that book made me cry.. After reading it, it inspired me to read more.. I love you Nicholas Sparks.. You are one of a kind!
I love how you make me fall in love, over and over.
You are the most awesome author!!! I love all your novels. I am so into your craft. You're storytelling is wonderful. You are very inspiring as well.
Thank you for sharing your God given talent with us. I have read all your books (starting The Longest Ride now) received it as a Christmas best gift so far :) You are my all time favorite author! Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Dear Nicholas sparks I am ur biggest fan EVERE since I was 7 when my mom and I read a walk to remember and the notebook I know you may not reed this but is my dream to have one of your books sing by you I'm praying to god to see if I could win the lucky one signed by Nicholas sparks if not I wish everyone good luck and merry Christmas lets do are best to see who wins
I really enjoy reading your books ..... your my favorite author !
There is nothing more that I can say other then, I absolutely love your books and your movies! You never disappoint. :) As long as you keep writing, I will definitely keep reading. :)
You have been my favorite author since I read "A message in a bottle" and every one there after! Thank you for be an amazing writter| Merry Christmas to you and your family!
Hi Nicholas , I'm your fan! I live in Brazil , so the last time you came here i cant see you! I love all your books , I have all of them here. I dont know how to explain what I feel when I read your books, you're the best author I have ever seen! I hope you have a great new year with your family, i think they are fantastic like you.. So, i hope too in the new year you can write new books with fantastics novels! You know how to inspire all the people that read your books and them buy all of them! You're wonderful, Nicholas. Happy Christimas and a good New Year! Have a great vacation with your family in New Bern!
I love your books and am always eager for more!!
I love all of your books :) They touch my soul. Thank you
I wait with baited breath for each new book you write. Then within two days the book is read. My Husband is always telling me to put the book down & let it last longer, but he just doesn't understand once you start reading you cannot put them down. Waiting for the next one.
Hola Nicholas,soy Alicia de Argentina,espero que sepas algo de castellano .Termino en este momento EL GUARDIAN,qué belleza,necesitaba darte las gracias por dejarme volar en sus hojas.Felicitaciones.Tu trabajo es excelente,no me canso de ver El cuaderno de Noah (pelicula que pasan con frecuecia) y de releer el mensaje y ver la peli.
Te agradezco por tu manera de escribir.Felicidades ,un buen 2014 y espero tu próxima novela.Besos
You have been my favorite author since I read "The Notebook" and every one there after! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
you have inspired me to be a writer, i hope to one day be as good as you are at writing.
brimarie Just a smidgen of my Nicholas Sparks Collection. <3
I would just like to say i am so glad the stock market lost you and the rest of the world gained you.... God really has placed a great gift in you to be able to write these books that convey such emotion and depth and really draw you in as a reader.. i have become a massive fan and have started collecting your books for my own personal collection over the past few years... in the meantime i borrow them from the library as i go.. thank you for such moving writing and for being so good at what you do.. May God bless you and your family and May He continue to give you the creativity, wisdom and knowledge to give us such wonderful works of art....Have a Very Merry Christmas and a prosperous, happy and peaceful New Year!! I look forward to many more books to come for as long as you keep them coming :)With Love Michelle T and Family :)
Your books with the first romance books Id ever read and I was hooked after the first one I read. I love your books! I've read and own all of them!! Nicholas sparks you are by far my favorite author!!
You are the very best, always puts a smile on my face just to hear your name!! Thank you so very much for being a very talented man in writing the most amazing books. I can't wait for the next one, or should I say next 100000000000000000 books!! Happy Holidays to you and your family!
I have read ALL of your books. You are my favorite author. I have watched ALL the movies that are out based on the books. You are a very caring and sensitive author. Thanks for all you do in the reading world.
I have read every book you have written. Love them all!
To me, Nicholas Sparks books are a symbol of hope in a world that more often than not, no longer believes in true love. The divorce rate, and statistics about multiple partners and the more and more common mixed family types arising are proof of that.
After every N.S book I read, I am happy for days. I know they are fiction, but even just knowing someone else, and every one of his fans believe the same way I do, gives me hope that there really is true love, even if it means they can't always end up together. It's still there.
I can't count the amount of times I have cried reading a n.s book. My love is in he Navy and I am alone more than I am with him. These characters and their 'voices' help me to remain sane when L is away. Even now when we are not together because we can't be, I believe he and I will have our time eventually.
Thank you for being such a terrific writer with such strong impacting messages. Love it!
Since my childhood, I’ve always been the girl who believed in fairytales and true love. I never knew what love was until I read notebook. It was the first Nicholas Sparks novel I read and ever since I haven’t been able to stop myself from reading your novels. The first thing I look for when I go to a book stall is for your novel. I love the language you use in your book; it makes you want to fall in love. I Love all your books and movies but ‘The Best of Me’ is my favourite novel and I can read it a hundred times and still not get bored. I wish the men in your novel existed in real life though, just a thought. Keep writing Nicholas Sparks coz, I love reading your books.
You know you are reading the words of a truly wonderful writer when every book he writes wants to take the spot of the best you ever read since the last one you read of his. Notebook held my first place of best book ever until I read The Wedding. I know you need some time off but I can hardly wait in between books. Once I get the latest book, I get very little sleep until I read the very last word. The I grieve because I read it to fast. Another sign that it is an awesome piece of writing is when the book is finished and you can't stop thinking about it and the people in it and wanting to know what they are doing now. It has all but become real and part of your life. He makes it seem so real you do get to be part of it.
Mr. Sparks,
My mom & I read all your books She can hardly put one down when I get it for her and then she can't wait for me to read it. My husband & I went to the Sparks Foundation weekend you held in New Bern & loved it, hope you have again.
Love and have almost all of your books! When I watched The Notebook for the 1st time I knew I had to buy the book and absolutely loved it! I keep track of when your next book will come out almost immediately after reading the book that was just released cuz I read it too fast...Lol. I also love when u make them into a movie! U r the BEST romantic writer EVER! Keep doing what u r doing :-)
Ever since the Notebook movie I have a been a fan! I had to start reading the books and have seen all the movies. The picture I have posted is a "rough copy" of a story I submitted to Romantic Box on Facebook. Nicholas has had a special place in my heart and since his tour to KC, he "in a way" has a place in my husbands as well! :)
My wife and I enjoy your books and movies. We look forward to each new book.
I want to say thank you for every book you've given us! You are a true gift to the written word - your stories always have the true elements of life; stories filled with love, life, tragedy, and quite often the most intricately written relationships! I look forward to every word yet to come! You Rock! ~ Kim
having read many romance books, by various writers over the yrs. I will say, when I 1st read the 1st one that you wrote: message in a bottle. I was hooked !. you are the ''best romance writer ive ever read.'' and I just got the new one, and I like how you note of a different town or city in your books of N.C !. as you have in the new book: The Longest Ride. ~ you note of ''Winston salem, nc 'as that's my home town. And wake forest university., with the young couple in the novel and I like it, that it tells of 2 separate love stores, 2 separate couples. ..... you sure know how to keep a woman interested in reading and never a disappointment. you truly write a ''page Turner !.'' most other's I've read, I will read a few pages or to 2 chapter's and get Bored and lay it down and won't read anymore or won't read again any of it for days. unlike your books, I keep reading page after page and can't wait to see what's next. .... now that's: writing !. ''you are truly blessed as a...
Dear Mr. Sparks,
I'm Angel from Philippines and a huge fan of yours. The Notebook, first movie I've watched among your films, since then i became a fan and a collector of your books and movies. My boyfriend which i call "my heart" or "puso ko"(in our language) because his my life and my everything gave me a book of Safe Haven as a gift on Valentines' day and watched the movie together, your novels and films played a big role in our relationship, we share our thoughts/opinions after reading and watching your work of arts and it made our bond really strong, always been a big part in our life so we would like to thank you for inspiring us and for making us always feeling the Love. May our Almighty God bless you always Mr. Sparks and also your family...
marisa-rasteiroo Dear Nicholas Sparks, you deserve all the good things in the world. I love you so deeply.
marisa-rasteiroo All your stories made me cry. They mean so much to me. I was in depression because of my ex and I was lost. I started to read your books and watch your films and I'm okay now because of them. You saved me, I'm really thankful for that. Love you! xoxo
marisa-rasteiroo I never liked books as much as yours.
I want to be a writer. Your books inspire me.
I have to say that the one book that caught my eye was The Notebook. I have not actually been in a relationship as this one but close enough. When I was living in NY, I worked in a Family Type Home for Adults, The Homesteads, and took care of people just like them. You did a wonderful job on this book and on The Wedding. Both made me think of my job as NOT a job but as a friend to them and look at my life a little differently. I have a heart of gold and these stories that you write are actually not stories, they are someones life, even though they are just stories. I do not read romance novels but you are one of a kind. I have checked out every book in the Paducah Public Library that they have that you have written and there was not a single one that I did not like and could not put down. Please don't stop. You give me a ray of hope that maybe just some day I too can find a love like you have in your books. Until then I will keep reading your books and dreaming. Thank...
Thank you so much for all that beautiful stories, I?m a big fan of you books, I'm from Venezuela, it's hard for me to find every book here, in my country, for that reason when I go to travel I always buy a couple of book or use amazon. I can't expleain what i whem I read a book, is something magical an wonderful, thanks again, Greetings from Venezuela
Mr Sparks,The profound and timeless love stories you share have gotten me through my darkest of days. I am not an overly emotional person so the release of built up tears that I get from reading your stories is beyond amazing. Yours are stories that touch in ways that help heal, give hope, and restore faith. Thank you from a hopeful heart in Bentonville, Arkansas
Thank You for all of your wonderful books . They have given me countless hours of reading pleasure and escape. I could not pick a favorite, but really loved the personal connection in Three Weeks with My Brother. It has encouraged me to write a memoir for my children and grandchildren to have of me when I am gone. Thank You again. You are a very special person.
I love your books and movies. I would have to say the Notebook was a favorite. I read what I can. But know if it is a book of yours it is going to be great. Thanks for all your stories.
Dear Nicholas Sparks,Back in 1998, my Mom strongly urged me to read your book, "A Walk to Remember." I was in my mid-twenties then & there was no hint of the dramatic health issues my Mother would face starting a decade later.I thankfully have memories I can recall when she was vibrant, healthy & eager to set out on a walk with me. It's startling how drastically life can change & in a seemingly short span of time.She was always enthusiastic about reading solo & with me growing, it was impossible to escape the infectious love for a good book...that I carry with me currently & have shared with my own children.I want to express my gratitude for your heartfelt stories that I've blissfully immersed myself in.You are spectacular!Sincerely,EliseA Forever Fan❤️
shelliwood Dear Mr. Sparks, I want to thank you. I have been a fan since practically day one, okay I guess I should say since fall of 1996 and I have read everything you've written. The Notebook is by far my favorite, read over and over again (and listened to) and The Longest Ride has become a very close second. Of course all in between have been wonderful including Three Weeks with My Brother. I want to share a quick story... My 19 year old daughter and I went to see your "live in theater" interview for Safe Haven and we loved it!! The funny thing is we were the only ones in the theater we went to. No worries, we were happy to have you, Maria, Julianne, Josh, etc all to ourselves!! And then of course we went to the double feature later, the theater was full this time and we had the most wonderful 4 hours getting lost in your love stories. Than you again, keep up your good work and looking forward to the next novel and/or movie!!
Dear Nicholas Sparks, I wanted to tell you that I'm such a big fan of your books. Your plots are very interesting even though sometimes too intricate. I really like your writing. Thank you for sharing such beautiful and special stories with your readers.
Hi, My name is Vitória Abrão, 13, I'm from Brazil, i'm your fan, and I met you in your last time in Brazil, Was a dream, I love your books, and i love you Nicholas, because you make me believe in the real love, in this ''new'' world is so dificult love, can be a girl with 13 years old, but in my mind i have 50 years old, I don't know, I'm so differente of those teenagers, your books teach me, your books complete me, THANK YOU SO MUCH, really really thank you for all, you are amazing, come back soon to Brazil, the Brazil loves you, And the Brazil never gonna forget in the last time you stayed in the bookstore for more time, for take pictures with all the fans, REALLY THANK YOU FOR THIS.
I have been a fan of yours for a while now. I absolutely love your writing. Each book draws you in and you feel as if you are a part of each story. I look forward to each book you publish and own every book you have written. Including "Three Weeks with My Brother". Please don't ever stop writing because fans like me LOVE what you do. Thank you!
( PLEASE READ UNTIL TH END NICHOLAS) Hi, My name is Vitória Abrão, 13, I'm from Brazil, i'm your fan, and I met you in your last time in Brazil, Was a dream, I love your books, and i love you Nicholas, because you make me believe in the real love, in this ''new'' world is so dificult love, can be a girl with 13 years old, but in my mind i have 50 years old, I don't know, I'm so differente of those teenagers, your books teach me, your books complete me, THANK YOU SO MUCH, really really thank you for all, you are amazing, come back soon to Brazil, the Brazil loves you, And the Brazil never gonna forget in the last time you stayed in the bookstore for more time, for take pictures with all the fans, REALLY THANK YOU FOR THIS.
angelphillips The Notebook is my all time favorite Sparks book. I have read every single book I could get my hands on that you wrote. Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world. :)
I married my best friend on March 30th of this year. I love The Notebook story so much that I wanted to have it included somehow in our wedding. I had someone help me make these tags with quotes from the book and we turned them into napkin ring for the reception. Everyone said it was the most beautiful wedding they had ever been to. We got married in The Palm House at The Franklin Park Conservatory. Google it..its gorgeous. :)
I have all of your books.....haven't read the l last one yet. Waiting on the perfect time to start. Love all the others and watch all the movies.
The first book I ever read of yours was "Three Weeks with my Brother"! I have been hooked ever since. I slowly making progress on getting through all of them. I do have a story line that would make a great book if you ever need some more inspiration. It tugged at my heart this year and I know others would be blessed by it as well!
Keep up the excellent work! I have read every one of your books, except for the new one yet! I have watched all your movies. They are wonderful stories and my 15 year old daughter is now reading your stories and watching your movies. Thank you for your inspiring work and I hope God keeps blessing you.
My sister introduced me to your books. She bought me The Notebook. After that purchase I was hooked! Now have read all your books well the middle of The Longest Ride. I have seen all the movies and I just want to say I love them all!
haidynathalie Dear Nicholas, I 'm from Colombia-Bogotá, I really love your books, It's wonderful. I'm happy reading. I cried a lot; for your inspiration for each line you wrote. Really I am very happy, because every time i open one of your books, i am very lucky. I hope you come to Colombia soon. Thank's :)
I have just finished reading The Longest Ride. I loved it and could not put it down. I am currently reading The Guardian. I have talked about your books so much, my niece is now reading your books. I can't wait for the next book and the next movie. A HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan. I was so lucky I got to meet you in person when your book The Choice came out. I got my copy signed, I just hate I didn't have my camera with me, I was so excited about getting to meet you, I forgot it. Hope I get lucky and win a prize in the 12 Days of Sparks!
you have inspired me to be a writer, i hope to one day be as good as you are at writing.
"Wow, well this is COOL!" Was my initial reaction to the email about a new fan wall. I appreciate html/css and I have to say your webpage layout is really well presented. Kudos to your team!
Lately I keep receiving bad news and though I'm not at my computer everyday when I see a fun tweet from an author whose writing style I admire, aka you, I am quite cheered up. Thank you for being so nice to us readers. For one I really appreciate the gesture, especially as of late.
I already read fifteen books of you... and I never believed in endless love (just God's love) the true love may exist but I don't think that humans can do that forever. I think people just pretend after the passion. I know this not good to say and share here, but after reading your book ''The wedding'' a new feeling about love start to appear inside of me and I really wanna say ''Thank you'' I wish i could hug you now as I did on the day that you signed my book, it was December, 2010, Brasil - Ribeirão Preto.
With Love, Olivia...
Nicholas Sparks is the best Writer .Keep the stories coming
Dear Mr. Sparks.......Thank you for writing the way you do. Every time I pick one of your books I am removed from the stresses of daily life and transported into a world that most of us could only dream of! Thank you for entertaining my mind, and awakening my soul!
its amazing how God let you put in words, the wonder of love... love your books.

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