Nicholas Talks About His Favorite Author

Parade Picks, Summer Reading

Recently, PARADE Magazine asked Nicholas to choose his favorite novel. It was too difficult for Nicholas to pick just one book so instead, he shared the name of his favorite author and talked about how the writer has influenced his work since he was a child.

"Not only did he fan the flames of my passion for reading (I couldn't put his books down, which made me seek out other books that replicated that experience), but he truly shaped my concepts of what a writer could do and be."

Find out who Nicholas's favorite author is and read the brief interview at "Top Authors on Their Favorite Reads."

Safe Haven to start filming in Southport, NC

Safe Haven Filming in Southport

Another Nicholas Sparks film adaptation is on its way to Southport, North Carolina!

Safe Haven will be filming in the beautiful town of Southport, North Carolina, where the film adaptation of A Walk To Remember was also filmed. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes scoop from all the Safe Haven set and you can also follow Safe Haven Movie on Facebook to get the latest news on the movie throughout the production process.

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