Novel Learning Series in TX

Calling all Librarians!!! Want to learn more about Nicholas Sparks' new Novel Learning Series? Nick's brother Micah (from Three Weeks with My Brother) is at booth #2416 at the TLA-Texas Library Association conference in Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center TODAY through FRIDAY showcasing the awesome new educational series! Drop by to meet Micah and learn more about the series here at

Nicholas Sparks On Using Tech To Write Books, Make Movies, And Keep A Creative Edge

In this video, Nicholas talks about how the Internet has changed the process of researching — and promoting — books and movies, the math formula he uses to stay productive, how the creative process of writing a book is similar to what a startup does, why a little bit of online procrastination can be good for you, how he combats writer’s block, and lots more. View the video at

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