Favorite Things

I am always grateful when friends and family recommend things they think I will love. Here are the things that I loved most over the past few months—some which were recommended to me, some of which I discovered on my own, and some of which are old-time favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!


The Prophet by Michael Koryta

Michael Kortya is a masterful storyteller, and he has written another gripping thriller about two brothers searching for a murderer in a football-loving town. You won’t want to put it down.

A Friend of the Family by Lauren Grodstein

Lauren Grodstein’s new novel follows a doctor in turmoil and his college-dropout son after he starts a relationship with a woman who was acquitted of an unspeakable crime years earlier. It is a tense, intelligent story that will get you thinking as you quickly turn the pages.

The Sports Gene by David Epstein

As a former college athlete, I found this investigation into what makes great athletes absolutely fascinating. David Epstein shows that there’s a lot of complicated middle ground to explore when it comes to the question of nature versus nurture.

Cycle of Lies by Juliet Macur

This is a riveting account of Lance Armstrong’s meteoric rise and even faster fall, exploring the intersection of physicality, ambition, and deception. A must-read for all sports fan.

The Power Broker by Robert Caro

This biography of Robert Moses—the highly influential urban planner who shaped the modern city during the 20th century—was first published in 1975, during a period of prolonged urban decline, adding another layer of complexity for today’s reader.


• Lone Survivor

• 12 Years a Slave

• What About Bob

• Groundhog Day

(I rewatched this classic in honor of the late Harold Ramis. Ironically, this movie only gets better each time you see it.)

From Various Corners of the Internet

• New Bern High School breaks the national record

• A great card trick

• A fascinating segment from 60 Minutes on the world’s greatest rock climber, Alex Honnold:

• A fantastic TED Talk, “The Art of Misdirection”, by Apollo Robbins, who has been called the greatest pickpocket in the world:

• Another TED Talk on the Global Village Construction Set & Open Source Ecology, an idea that might just change the world:

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